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The chemical industry is the industry that manufactures chemical products or works with the aid of chemical processes. Wibex is a complete supplier of products for the chemical industry, including everything from special chemicals to bulk chemicals, along with the market's best logistics solutions.

We supply everything from special chemicals to bulk chemicals

Wibax manufactures, prepares and delivers customised chemical products and advanced solutions within a wide range of different areas, from process chemicals to water treatment, cleaning, energy, NOx reduction, etc. Our own products contribute to more efficient industrial processes, reduced use of chemicals and reduced impact on the environment.

Through our collaboration with SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, we can offer products and treatment programmes for local service, technical consultation, as well as equipment for following up and simulating the industry’s processes. The purpose is to reduce our customers’ overall production costs, increase availability and safety in the production facilities, as well as increase the service life of process equipment.

WIBAX’s secure delivery chain supplies our customers in the Nordic region with products in tanker vessels, by rail, tanker trucks, IBC containers, drums and cans. Certifications and a number of distinctions are proof of our efficiency, which reinforces good overall economy for our customers and provides Good Chemistry in return. WIBAX has extensive storage capacity, with terminals and distributions systems covering the whole of Nordic region.

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