Chemical system cleaning

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Chemical and mechanical system cleaning

Wibax has considerable experience and knowledge in the fields of chemical and mechanical system cleaning, with a broad selection of cleaning products that have been developed by Wibax in close collaboration with the customer and adapted to the customer's equipment.

Clean for maximum output from all systems

Plate heat exchangers start to see a reduction in power transfer with coatings of just a few tenths of a millemetre. The installation consumes more energy in the form of pump energy and impaired transfer of energy between the media in the exchanger. Wibax’s cleaning methods keep the systems clean and effective. We work with large systems within process industries as well as smaller systems comprising plate heat exchangers and tube exchangers.

We collaborate with one of the world’s leading manufactures of heat exchanger equipment, the German company GEA Heat Exchangers. Our business partner GEA manufactures and dimensions everything within heat exchanging. Soldered plate heat exchangers and those fitted with gaskets, semi-welded and fully welded plate heat exchangers. Through our collaboration with GEA. we can also offer servicing and spare parts such as gaskets, spare plates, etc., including for other heat exchanger makes, such as Alfa Laval, SPX, Sondex, Tranter, etc.

Wibax has its own refuse truck, Cleaning in Place (CIP) facilities and other equipment. This means that we can offer a complete, tailored solution based on our customers’ wishes and requirements, as well as combining cleaning and maintenance work.

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