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Transport assignments

Wibax delivery trucks is one of our services that provides customers with a higher level of service and the potential for external transport assignments. The goods vehicle is used for the delivery of goods packaged in IBCs, drums, cans or as dry goods in sacks.

Personnel with good knowledge of handling chemicals

The vehicle is staffed by Wibax’s personnel to ensure good knowledge about the handling of chemicals. This means that we can now also offer pumping over to your existing containers, as well as assuming responsibility for stock control. As a customer, you also have the potential to send your empty packages as return goods with our goods vehicle. Wibax will then deal with the packages in an environmentally friendly manner.

To book the goods vehicle, we need to receive your order at least 5 working days in advance.
Contact by e-mail: order@wibax.com or call our Orders department on tel. +46 911-250 250


Regular routes:
Monday morning: Locally around Piteå and its surroundings (possibly Luleå)
Monday afternoon – Tuesday: Southerly route to Sundsvall
Wednesday – Thursday: Northerly route to Gällivare (possibly Kiruna)
Friday: Locally around Piteå and its surroundings (possibly Luleå/Skellefteå)

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