Corporate image


Wibax's face to the outside world and the company's internal work

This text relates both to Wibax's face to the outside world and to our internal work – the ideas we work by and how we want to be perceived. Our own image of the Group and the attitude with which we carry out our work duties are important for the way we are perceived by others.

Presentation of Wibax's Corporate Image

The most important aspect of the Wibax Group are the products, services and facilities we can offer our customers. The knowledge and attitudes of the people who work at Wibax determine the quality, overall economy and how we influence the outside world and the environment. How successful we can become depends to a large extent on our knowledge our our image, i.e. how we are perceived by others. This is known as our Corporate Image.

The Wibax Group’s work and focus are summarised in a very brief presentation, showing the way we want to be perceived:

“Wibax is a specialist high-technology company with the market’s most efficient logistics system for the supply of special products and base chemicals to industry. We are a problem-solving company that works closely with the customer to develop our own new products and applications. The results of this close c-ooperation are more energy-efficient processes with higher yields and lower total costs for the customer. This isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also Good Chemistry.”

The Group’s business concept and strategy form the basis for Wibax’s development:

Business concept
Our business concept is to sell, purchase, process and distribute chemical products to the base industries in Europe.

We have specialised expertise and resources in the field of liquid chemical products. Imports take place directly from the producer for our own production of directly-customised products, or to centrally located tanker terminals with our own logistics solution for the end customer. The company’s strategy is also to implement and optimise utilisation of the product with the end customer.

Wibax’s values will constitute the force we need to develop a strong and long-term shared culture that both supports the business and motivates our employees. The management group has worked on the basis of the composition of the workforce and selected the most important keywords for Wibax’s values:

Customer in focus
We are all salespeople, who satisfy our customers’ requirements, both now and in the future, by treating them in a positive manner.

We are innovative and committed in the way we work, in order to create growth for the future alongside our customers.

Quality at every stage
We possess knowledge and maintain good order, producing high levels of safety, a good environment and good profitability, which jointly make up Good Chemistry.

We work as a team, where we feel professional pride and have the opportunity to influence our own development.

Wibax’s basic values are contained in our policies. We have well formulated policies with regard to both the environment and quality, for which we are also ISO certified. Our quality and environmental work is intended to achieve continuous improvements. There are also specific Wibax policies within several areas. All documented policies and certificates jointly form the basis for Wibax´s values, and govern our day-to-day work efforts.

Wibax want you to report irregularities, serious misconduct in the workplace, such as economic crime, bribe, corruption, incorrect accounting, purchasing, environmental crime, sexual harassment, threats, violence or theft via our whistleblower channel>

Wibax has chosen to summarise the company’s values, knowledge and market role in one overall concept: Good Chemistry. This concept dictates our most stringent demands in terms of safety, quality and the environment.

This also implies a promise to our customers and to the world at large that we will always work to achieve sustainable development, the optimal use of resources, the least possible environmental impact and the best options with regard to the environment, which in turn can interact to achieve the best overall economy for the customer and for society.

Efficient logistics means fewer empty return transports, reduced fuel consumption and a lower impact on the climate and the environment compared with the alternatives.

High-tech expertise and problem-solving in close co-operation with our customers allow us to create greater yields and more efficient industrial processes. This in turn can create opportunities for growth and improved overall economy for our customers, while at the same time ensuring that the use of resources is optimised.

Confidence, experience, service and a high level of knowledge are all intended to provide the customer with the best solution with the best environmental choices and good overall economy.

Good Chemistry is a term that can be used at every level and is associated with the Wibax brand. Wibax’s Good Chemistry ultimately aims to strengthen our brand and to increase our business opportunities.


Wibax logo with the text “Wibax” and is our foremost communication carrier. Wibax’s logotype, which is basically blue, also has a green color in it. It marks a departure for the future and shows a clear focus on the environment and good chemistry. We want to convey the feeling of a more beautiful and greener profile since our work with sustainability is an important part of the business, for us, a sustainable future is important.

Wibax also has a stand-alone symbol “W” that we work with separately. It does not appear together with the logo but is used as a separate communication carrier on well-chosen occasions.

Images from Wibax are signals with which we can influence the outside world’s perception of ourselves. Wibax’s imagery relates to communicating Good Chemistry.

Wibax’s products, services and facilities will provide added value to the customer and, in the long term, to the end user. One such added value is to influence nature as little as possible. Another is to optimise the use of resources. Smart, high-tech knowledge usually ensures that both of these goals are achieved, as well as resulting in good overall economy. After all, this is how the natural world has always worked.

For this reason, Wibax is choosing to highlight the human perspective in order to present the benefits of our advanced techonology. We do this with the aid of nature. Nature comprises advanced chemical processes that control all life.

Colour has the ability to convey messages, as it influences us both emotionally and aesthetically. For this reason, the choice of colour is extremely important for our image. Wibax’s corporate colour is blue. Blue communicates cleanlines, clarity, reliability and has associations with both the sea and the sky. We also use a complementary colour to further strengthen our profile. The accent colour is grey or siliver, which both communicate cleanliness. The spot colour is green. Green communicates naturalness and security.


• Quality-leading supplier with unique in-house products
• Large, secure and efficient supplier
• The market’s most efficient logistics
• High-tech development in collaboration with the customer
• Experience dating back to 1986 entails security and safety
• High delivery capacity, own terminals and service close to our customers
• High level of knowldge creates optimum utilisation of resources
• Growth with sustainable development
• Good Chemistry strengthens good overall economy