Your role as a professional driver at Wibax

As a professional driver at Wibax, you mainly work with the delivery of chemical products, bio-oils and other products such as bitumen to our customers. Deliveries are made with our modern vehicle fleet, consisting of heavy trucks and trailers , which are primarily maintained by our knowledgeable vehicle technicians in our own vehicle workshop in Piteå. As a driver, you are able to carry out necessary maintenance and service on the vehicles as well as terminal work if needed.

Our vehicles and drivers are stationed in seven locations around Sweden, and transport tasks start from the place where you are stationed. In some cases, other transport assignments may also be included in your duties.

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At Wibax you will have, among other things:

What are we looking for in an employee?

To drive our vehicles, you need a CE driver’s licence and a valid certificate of professional competence (YKB). Since you will be working with the transport of dangerous goods, it is advantageous if you have experience in similar transports, as well as an ADR Tank certification.

As a driver, you are an extremely important and necessary part of the supply chain. You are the one who is seen most in public, and the one who meets our customers most frequently. We therefore value that you have a positive attitude, take responsibility for vehicles and equipment and like to keep things in order around you. You are a good ambassador for Wibax both in traffic, with customers and within your team at work. You think about safety at every step and take great personal responsibility for your work tasks.

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Sound and responsible transport

Wibax Logistics AB is a complete logistics company for liquid products and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wibax Group. We manage the group’s total logistics needs and offer logistics solutions to external customers. With terminals in strategic locations throughout the country and a comprehensive tanker fleet, we can offer our customers cost-effective solutions with the best service.
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* The arrangement of working hours may vary between different times and days for the position in question.

In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this information, the Swedish version takes precedence.

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