The Wibax Group

Wibax’ headquarters and production facilities are located in Piteå, Sweden, however, we also have terminals and offices in strategic locations throughout Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Norway. The group currently employs about 350 people. Wibax had a turnover of approximately 3,475 million SEK in 2023.


The Wibax Group comprises the following companies;

Wibax Group AB
The parent company Wibax AB was registered in 1986 but changed its name to Wibax Group AB in 2021. The headquarters is located on company owned property in Piteå, housing offices, production premises, warehouses, workshops and washing halls. The parent company provides group-wide service such as purchasing, product development, administration, quality and environmental compliance assurance, as well as safety and security functions.

Wibax Sweden AB
Wibax Sweden AB is the Swedish group and is part of Wibax Group AB.
Wibax Sweden AB includes the companies; Wibax Sales AB, Wibax Logistics AB and Wibax Production AB.

Wibax Finland Oy
Wibax Finland Oy is the Finnish group and is part of Wibax Group AB.
Wibax Finland Oy includes the companies; Wibax Sales Oy, Wibax Logistics Oy and Wibax Tank AS in Estonia.

Wibax Norway AS
Wibax Norway AS is the Norwegian group and is part of Wibax Group AB.
Wibax Norway AS includes the company Wibax Sales AS.

Wibax Sales AB / Wibax Sales OY / Wibax Sales AS
Wibax Sales is responsible for all sales of chemicals, bio-oils and salts. The company also focuses more specifically on specialty chemistry, where our own products enable us to offer our customers a wide range of specialty and functional chemicals.

Wibax Logistics AB / Wibax Logistics Oy
Wibax Logistics’ primary mission is to cover the group’s road transport needs, but the company also performs certain external logistics assignments. The logistics companies operate at a very high standard, with high quality vehicles, operated by experienced and competent staff. Wibax is one of the most comprehensive tanker transport providers in the Nordics with the capacity to transport most frequently used chemicals, primarily serving the processing industry. Wibax Logistics is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the group’s terminals in Sweden and Finland. With terminals in strategic locations in Sweden, Finland and Estonia as well as a comprehensive tanker fleet and our own rail cars, we can offer our customers cost-effective logistics solutions from production facilities to end customers, with the best possible level of service.

Wibax Production AB
Our quality-certified production facilities are located in Piteå and include know-how, machinery, production halls and storage areas. We both manufacture and prepare chemicals tailored to customer needs. A strength of Wibax’ production is our ability to manufacture and tailor products to customer requirements, with high quality, cost efficiency and great flexibility and a high degree of purity. Wibax’s strategy is to process chemicals in such a way that we improve the added value of our products. This is one of our contributions to Good Chemistry.