The Wibax Group

Wibax’ headquarters and production facilities are located in Piteå, Sweden, however, we also have terminals and offices in strategic locations throughout Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Norway. The group currently employs about 280 people. Wibax had a turnover of approximately 1,490 million SEK in 2021.


The Wibax Group comprises the following companies;

Wibax Group AB
The parent company Wibax AB was established in 1986 and changed its name to Wibax Group AB in 2021. Our headquarters are located within our own facilities, in Piteå, Sweden, which houses offices, production facilities, a warehouse, a workshop, and washing halls. The parent company is responsible for purchasing, administration, quality assurance and environmental work, as well as safety and security.

Wibax Chemicals AB
Wibax Chemicals is responsible for all sales of liquid chemical products and salts. The company is also focused on specialty chemicals, where products of our own, combined with those of our partner Suez, offer our customers a broad spectrum of specialty and performance chemicals.

This department is responsible for development and market support throughout the entire group. They are the pioneers and provide a support function for new commercial products and technologies. The development of new applications is a priority area, enabling strong expansion opportunities for the group. The company also supports customers in the implementation of products and equipment, to optimise their processes.

Wibax Logistics AB
Wibax Logistics’ primary responsibility is to cover the group’s need for road transport, but the company is also involved in some external logistics operations. The company upholds a very high standard of quality with regard to the vehicle fleet, and its staff are experienced and highly skilled. The company is one of the most broadly capable tanker logistics companies in Sweden, with capacity to provide industries, and the processing industry in particular, with the most frequently used chemicals. Wibax Logistics is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the group’s Swedish terminals. With terminals in strategic locations throughout Sweden, Finland and Estonia, as well as a comprehensive tanker fleet and our own railway cars, we offer customers cost-efficient logistics solutions from the production line to the end customer, and the best possible level of service.

Wibax Industrial AB
Wibax Industrial complements the other operative divisions of the group. The primary focus of the company is to add value to the group’s sales through total service and maintenance solutions, as well as repair and cleaning services. The company conducts service and maintenance across a variety of industrial environments. The company also offers a total solution for the conversion of boilers from fossil fuel to biofuel, and will assist with construction, installation, startup, optimisation and evaluation. Additionally, the company serves as a mechanical and technical partner to Wibax’ production and terminal operations.

Wibax Production AB
The quality certified production facilities are located in Piteå, and these house our know-how, our machinery, production halls and storage facilities. We produce and prepare chemicals tailored to customer needs. One of Wibax’ strengths is the production and tailoring of products to meet customers’ needs, with a high level of quality and purity, excellent cost efficiency and flexibility. Wibax’ strategy is to process chemicals in such a way that we provide added value to our products, it is one of the ways in which we contribute to Good Chemistry.

Wibax Biofuels AB
Wibax Biofuels AB offers a wide range of bio oils, primarily for the purpose of combustion, and also technical know-how for implementation and optimisation. For those of our customers who are interested in transitioning away from fossil fuel dependency, we offer total solutions, all the way up to an operational bio oil facility.

Wibax Holding Oy
Wibax Holding Oy is a Finnish, wholly owned holding company within the Wibax group. The Finnish sub-group Wibax Holding Oy includes the following companies; Wibax Sales Oy, Wibax Tank Oy and Wibax Tank AS.

Wibax Sales Oy
Wibax Sales Oy is a sales company in Finland, primarily offering products to major stakeholders in the forestry, steel, mining, paper and pulp industries. The company also provides products for heating, water treatment and dust binding.

Wibax Tank Oy
Wibax Tank Oy is a Finnish company responsible for operations and maintenance of the group’s terminals in Finland and Estonia. The unique total solutions, offered by Wibax in Sweden since 1986, encompassing storage, monitoring, transportation and product sales, is sought after by Finnish customers too. Through the acquisition of Baltic Tank Oy, Wibax can offer a sustainable total solution concept to the Finnish market, thereby creating more rapid growth and fostering deeper, long-term collaboration.

Wibax Tank AS
Wibax Tank AS is an Estonian company offering storage and handling of chemicals and other liquid products in Estonia. Its primary customers are the forestry industry and other processing industries.

Wibax AS
Wibax AS is a Norwegian company, focusing on products for industrial water and processing treatments, primarily in the fields of corrosion, deposits and microbiology control.

Safety and Security
In order for our depots to provide safe storage of chemicals, extensive maintenance work is required. To ensure the quality of such work, we have launched a maintenance programme for all depots. Risk assessment is a natural part of our daily operations. We have implemented new methods and procedures to achieve a consistent standard in our assessments. We have also implemented a new personal alarm system with GPS tracking for drivers and others who work alone.

Quality and Environment
This department works with permit matters related to our depots, strategically located throughout Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Wibax’ drivers’ training concept leads to lower fuel consumption and a reduced environmental impact, and is continuously being developed. Development and implementation of a process oriented management system is underway. The department is also responsible for overarching working procedures relating to control, monitoring and evaluation of Wibax’ operational targets.