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We keep stores filled

With your own login to Wibax's systems, you can click through to level monitoring. Log in here (enter link

Sensors in our customers' tanks and cisterns

WIBAX offers online inventory management solutions for efficient inventory monotoring. In cooperation with Site Monitor, the possibility to measure and monitor storage tank contents, level, rate of change alarms, usage data logging and interface to delivery scheduling systems is never been more easy.

Our internet service presents level monitoring on the internet. Via any PC, at any time, you can read a variety of information regarding your cisterns or other objects. This makes the logistics easier and more cost effective. Without the need for on-site personnel you immediately find out existing volumes and with that you avoid empty cisterns, unnecessary deliveries and costly returns. The web interface, level sensors or the data transmission can be customized according to your need and preference. We keep stores filled automatically with Wibax system information from sensors in customers’ tanks and cisterns.

With your own login to Wibax’s systems, you can click through to level monitoring. Log in here>>

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