Conversion for bio-oil

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A total solution for the delivery of bio-oil

Wibax is a skilled partner for consultation and advice when converting to bio-oil. Together with the customer, we analyze product requirements and provide help with installation, commissioning, optimization, evaluation and test of combustion equipment to industries and companies that are planning to get away from its fossil dependency.

A skilled partner for consultation and advice

It is important to review the facility in order to rule out operational disruptions and achieve a problem-free, operationally reliable and long-term solution. Wibax is a skilled partner for consultation and advice in the event of conversion. An inventory and a review of the equipment form the basis before determining the need for conversion and the choice of bio-oil. We do everything from reviewing the customer’s facility to planning proposed changes, implementing the conversion, and last but not least commissioning and getting started.

Wibax’s comprehensive logistics and secure delivery chain provide our customers with bio-oil from terminal to customer in the Nordic region, using customised solutions in boats, by rail or in tanker trucks.

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