What we do


A sustainable chemical supplier

Wibax's business concept is to sell, purchase, process and distribute chemical products to the base industries in Europe. Operations consist of sales, importing, production, development, servicing & maintenance, storage and distribution primarily of liquid chemical products and biooils in bulk. Raw materials purchases are made globally.

Offers more than many believe

Wibax’s offers:

Wibax’s business concept is to sell, purchase, process and distribute chemical products to the base industries in Europe. In order to make things easier for our customers, we adapt our range of products and services according to the market’s needs in many different sectors. As a result, we have a broad selection of both products and services, enabling us to offer turnkey solutions. We are purposefully investing in development in all areas, from purchasing and logistics to customer collaboration, technology, production and service. It is important for us to create growth for the future!

Biological alternatives – we offer biological alternatives to fossil fuels. Vegetable oils do not burden the atmosphere with increased emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and are exempt from energy, sulphur and CO2 tax.

Chemical system cleaning – CIP (Cleaning In Place) is an alternative to mechanical cleaning, where we minimise the risk of mechanical damage, create an improved working environment and reduce expensive downtime. Through close co-operation with the customer, we can ensure a good result.

Technical support and development – we are specialists in the fields of chemistry and industrial processes. As a result, it is natural for us to work with problem-solving and the development of new products and applications for our customers. The development projects result in more efficient processes, optimised use of resources and higher yields, all of which improve overall economy.

Servicing and maintenance – we carry out servicing and maintenance assignments within a great many areas in industrial environments.

Logistics solutions – our logistics company handles the Group’s overall logistics requirements and offers logistics solutions to external customers. With strategically located terminals across the country and an extensive fleet of tanker trucks, we can offer our customers cost-effective solutions and optimum service.

Good Chemistry – we are working to achieve sustainable development, optimum utilisation of resources and the best alternatives from an environmental perspective. Smart technological knowledge combined with efficient logistics satisfy these aims and also result in good overall economy. This, for us, is Good Chemistry.