Urea is a nitrogenous chemical compound used as an additive in biological treatment plants, in metal works, leather tanning, water treatment, building and civil engineering and de-icing of runways. The product is also used in agriculture.

Urea (CO(NH2)2) is produced when ammonia reacts with carbon dioxide. The hot molten mass when mixed with water creates the urea solution, which is a raw material in the production of urea granules or prills (pellets). They are small spherical beads with many different applications.
For example, granulated urea is used as a fertilizer and is also used in the wood industry as binders in MDF and chipboards, as well as in the health and beauty industry in where it is one of the basic materials (carbamide) in skin creams and shampoos.

Urea solutions are used for NOx reduction in the combustion of heavy diesel engines, such as ships.

The product is also available as a solution, a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a faint characteristic odor.

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