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The objective is to develop and produce new products.

Wibax primarily conducts research and development in order to produce new products as well as optimising existing products within our busineas area. Important aspects of the development work are that the products must offer high performance in terms of efficiency, quality and minimal environmental impact. The development work is often conducted in co-operation with our respective customers.

In close co-operation with customers

The development of new products and the continued development of exisitng ones are an important part of Wibax’s operation. One of our objectives is to increase the proportion of products manufactured in-house, so that sales of these make up 30 per cent of total sales.

The development work is normally conducted in project form. When developing new products, Wibax often works together with relevant customers in a particular business area with a defined development requirement. Expert knowledge from raw material suppliers is often incorporated in the projects. The aim of Wibax’s research is to develop products where raw material components are utilised optimally to achieve optimum performance, quality and sustainability as well as the least possible environmental impact. This entails Good Chemistry for the customer, for overall economy, for the environment and for Wibax.

Wibax is happy to receive enquiries and suggestions from our customers within interesting development areas.

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