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Wibax launches new product to ensure access to clean drinking water

I slutet av mars lanserar Wibax sin nya produkt WiAl-G.
En kemikalie som bland annat används för att rena dricksvatten.
- Det finns en tydlig efterfrågan av den här produkten, kunderna välkomnar Wibax satsning eftersom det bara finns en leverantör i Sverige i dagsläget, säger Markus Holmlund, vd Wibax Production.

In late March, Wibax will be launching our new product WiAl-G.
A chemical used in the purification of drinking water, among other applications.
"There is a clear demand for the product, customers welcome Wibax' effort, as there is currently just one supplier in Sweden", says Markus Holmlund, CEO Wibax Production.

Following a number of intense months at Wibax’ production facility in Piteå, the production of solid aluminium sulphate will begin in March, in the form of a Wibax product branded WiAl-G. The manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art, highly automated equipment. The decision to invest in expanded production was made a year and a half ago, and is an important step in Wibax’ further investment in producing chemicals of our own.

Wibax has been producing liquid aluminium sulphate since 2006.
“We have extensive experience with liquid aluminium sulphate, but environmental and economic considerations prevent us from transporting it very far, as it largely consists of water. With the new, more concentrated product, we can reach farther, and also engage with new types of customers”, Markus Holmlund explains.

The solid product opens doors to entirely new customer segments. Outside of water purification, WiAl-G is frequently used in the paper and pulp industry, and also as an important component of accelerators for sprayed concrete.

The current global situation, with a pandemic and war in Ukraine, has called attention to critical societal functions such as water purification, says Markus Holmlund.
“For us, this is an interesting investment for a number of reasons. There is a great need for additional suppliers, and it feels good that Wibax can contribute to better societal resilience. Our production facility offers excellent opportunities for sustainable logistics, it will be possible to load the product directly onto trucks and trains, immediately adjacent to the production facility. Additionally, we can become a local supplier for customers in our geographical vicinity.”

“We look forward to the start of operations for our new, state-of-the-art production facility. It is an important part of our strategy to continue expanding the range of products we produce ourselves”, says Markus Holmlund.

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