Fair Transport


Sustainable transports carried out by a responsible logistics company

Wibax Logistics are certified members of Fair Transport, meaning that we as a logistics company always take work environment, quality, environmental and safety issues into account. This is our promise both to ourselves and our customers. We are responsible, our transports prioritize climate efficiency and road safety.

We work to be a sustainable carrier

Our logistics business Wibax Logistics AB is responsible for the logistics needs of the Wibax group, and also offers logistics services for external customers. With terminals in strategic locations throughout the country and a wide-ranging tanker fleet, we can offer our customers cost-effective solutions with the highest level of service.

We work to achieve sustainable development, optimal resource utilization and to provide environmentally superior alternatives. Smart technologies, combined with efficient logistics, meet these goals while also providing a good total economy. To us this is Good Chemistry.

Fair Transport is a transport industry certification of road shipping, and was developed in response to higher expectations on the logistics industry from the surrounding community. Wibax Logistics’ Fair Transport certification means that we meet established quality criteria, and that this is followed up regularly through independent, third-party audits. Thus, the certification ensures that our transports are carried out in a responsible, road safety conscious and sustainable manner.

Our drivers are trained in safety and environmental issues, they are regularly coached through a system for resource efficient driving and perform well relative to other drivers in Europe. Resource efficient driving means lower fuel use, minimized tyre wear, fewer repairs and less maintenance, which results in a lower environmental impact.

You can read more about Wibax and Fair Transport here -> https://fairtransport.se/company/wibax-logistics-ab/