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First customer-based fixed charging station – important milestone for Wibax

Wibax is taking the next step in electrification of logistics, installing its first fixed EV charger in a customer location, at SunPine.
"This is the first of a number of customer-based fixed charging stations that we will be installning. An important step along the way towards sustainable logistics" says Magnus Sundström, Operations manager logistics på Wibax Group.

The goal is for all Wibax vehicles to be electrified by 2030

The fixed EV charger is an important milestone in Wibax’ journey towards 100 percent electric logistics, powered by charging infrastructure of our own. Up until today, Wibax vehicles have been charged either at our terminals or using the mobile WiCharge unit.

“The reason we are installing these fixed chargers at customer locations is that we can charge whuke load or unload a product. In this way, we can maximise efficiency and avoid the need to stop for charging only,” says Magnus Sundström.

Magnus Sundström suggests there are several advantages to installing the first fixed charging station specifically at SunPine.

“We carry out transport to and from SunPine several times a day. Beginning this journey in Piteå feels important. It allows to stay close and keep an eye on the technology.”

The goal is for all Wibax vehicles to be electrified by 2030, which means that nearly 200 fixed charging stations will be built by then, both at customer locations and at the company’s own terminals.

“Since technology is developing rapidly right now, we are currently trying to electrify a number of routes  to get started and learn. Looking at our entire electrification journey, it’s not just about replacing vehicles and setting up charging stations. In many cases, we need to review our entire logistics setup. It’s an exciting journey,” says Magnus Sundström.

The next step of the journey is four new electric trucks in the first half of 2024. One will be placed in Finland, the rest in Sweden. In 2024-2025, plans are also in place for an additional 16 fixed charging stations, the majority of which will be placed at customer locations.

“We see electrification as a way to offer both environmentally and economically sustainable logistics in the future,” says Magnus Sundström.