We are assuming the challenge of a more sustainable world

The leading principles of our sustainability efforts are our general guiding principles too; forward-thinking, participation, quality and customer focus. Everything we do will be guided by the idea of Good Chemistry. This means that we work to achieve more sustainable development, through economic development, optimised resource use and conscious choices in areas such as product development, purchasing and operational processes.

Wibax’ sustainability strategy

Wibax’ sustainability strategy is to run a sustainable business, with focus on sustainability throughout all areas of operation. Achieving good economic development in harmony with environmental and social progress, that is what sustainability and sustainable business means for Wibax.

The leading principles of our sustainability efforts are our general guiding principles too; forward-thinking, participation, quality and customer focus, as summarised in the motto Good Chemistry.

In order to sustainably reach our operative targets and be a competitive option in the market, we will work cost efficiently, and maintain an up-to-date product portfolio and active customer focus. We will be an attractive employer with a strong focus on safety, and our customers must be able to trust that Wibax’ products and services come from a sustainable supply chain. We will work to achieve optimal resource use and make conscious choices in fields such as product development, purchasing and operations execution. Wibax’ goal is to give customers the best possible solution with regard to environmental choices, high levels of safety, service and good total economy.

Wibax’ sustainability strategy is divided into three aspects of sustainability: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Economic sustainability

Wibax will reach the growth targets that we have established, and be a competitive option on the market. Our growth targets are reached through continued development of our product portfolio, while the group remains customer focused, with a particular focus on cost effectiveness and value generating solutions for clients.

Social sustainability

Wibax will be an attractive employer in our field. Through actively working with sustainability, we contribute to a better community, and we become more attractive as suppliers and employers. By controlling our supply chain, we ensure quality and security in distribution, without compromising human rights.

Environmental sustainability

Wibax will conduct active environmental work, where everything we do is guided by the principle of Good Chemistry. We will contribute to reduced carbon emissions through efficiency improvements and conscious technological choices of our own, and also through the sales of carbon neutral products. Environmental sustainability is achieved by striving for optimal resource use and making conscious decisions.

Strategic environmental goal

Wibax supports the declaration to make Sweden one of the world’s first fossil free welfare nations, through Fossil Free Sweden. Their website also includes Wibax’ strategic environmental target:

During normal operation, heating of facilities including cisterns, will be renewable by 2025. WIBAX will strive to become leading in the transition to fossil free, heavy transports, with the goal of 80% of the shipments that we ourselves carry out being fossil free by 2030.

Sustainability goals

The sustainability goals primarily focused on by Wibax are: