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Samhällsvinsten opening Meeting Point Zenith

Samhällsvinsten (the Community Benefit) is an initiative by Piteå IF to tackle community challenges and built a better Piteå. The Samhällsvinsten project is carried out in collaboration with our main partners Sparbanken Nord, Wibax, Smurfit Kappa och PiteEnergi.

New life for closed café – when Meeting Point Zenith opens its doors

In 2023, Piteå IF has been organising activities such as a pop-up youth club and night football, as part of the Samhällsvinsten project. The activities have been held on weekends and evenings, creating safe meeting places for local youth. It has also led to the establishment of the Malmgatan 5 youth club.

In 2024, Piteå IF will continue to work with a couple of major evening events during weekends, and add more adult support staff at the Strömbackaskolan upper secondary school. The goal is to create good conditions for youth to build a meaningful and nurturing environment, both at school and in their free time, by deepening the collaboration between the school and local associations. An additional goal is to inspire school youth to a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.

As part of the project, Piteå IF will be taking over the closed down Café Zenith at Strömbackaskolan, which will be renamed Meeting Point Zenith. A limited selection of snacks and beverages will be sold. Various activities such as table tennis, gaming and other things suggested by students can be organised in collaboration with Piteå IF representatives, whose men’s team players will be working at the school.

Almost 40 % of first-year students at Strömbacka report that they rarely or never eat breakfast. Therefore, free breakfast will be offered once a week, to give the students a good start to their day. The breakfast is offered in collaboration with our current and upcoming partners in the Samhällsvinsten project, who will also be staffing the breakfasts.

“It feels amazing that we, as part of Samhällsvinsten, can develop the concept further and make a difference in the coming year by supporting the upper secondary school. We know that the school is facing tough changes and the fact that we as an association can bring something to the table and contribute to a good environment for our youth feels great”, says Jens Hedström, Piteå IF.

“We want to do our part to contribute to a good school environment and a good start to their professional lives for these young people. Who knows, maybe some of them are future Wibax employees, says Emma Nyström, Wibax.