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Northvolt's mobile energy storage is the next step in Wibax' electric journey

Using the mobile EV charger WiCharge, with energy storage from Northvolt, allows Wibax to take the next step towards electrifying its vehicle fleet.
"This lets us offer our customers electric deliveries without losing efficiency", says Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax.

Almost exactly a year ago, Wibax and Scania jointly unveiled the world’s first electric, ADR approved truck with a 64 tonne capacity. The vehicle was the first step towards the goal of becoming leading in fossil-free logistics, with a target of having an 80 percent fossil free vehicle fleet by 2030.

Just in time for the annual motorsports festival Race of Champions, the next stage of the investment is ready – a mobile EV charger that can easily be deployed to customer locations, to enable rapid, efficient charging during unloading stops.

“One of the challenges on our journey to electrification is that we do not want to lose efficiency. This means that we do not want to stop and charge our vehicles for longer than it takes to unload them. WiCharge makes this possible”, explains Jonas Wiklund.

Keeping all the vehicles that Wibax is seeking to electrify in motion, requires a lot of power. A lot of energy needs to be transferred to the vehicles, in a very short amount of time. It also needs to happen at various locations along the routes. With a mobile charging station such as WiCharge, charging can be done during the vehicles’ natural stops – with just the right amount of power.

This makes it possible for Wibax to offer customers electric deliveries, even if they have power supply limitations at their respective locations. WiCharge can simply be plugged into a standard socket, where the battery pack is charged over an extended period of time. When we then connect our vehicles to the battery pack, their batteries are charged during loading or unloading of products, which normally takes an hour.

“We have at least four new electric trucks coming next year. This is now something that we are well prepared for”, says Jonas Wiklund.

WiCharge will launch at the annual Race Of Champions motorsports festival, held at Piteå Havsbad, on January 28-29, 2023.

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