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A problem-solver with leading-edge expertise

Wibax supplies a great many different products to the food products industry, primarily within the Nordic region. This relates to areas ranging from the production of raw materials and food products, dairies, yeast, breweries, the fish industry and fish preparation, agriculture and sugar mills to jam producers.

Certified products that satisty stringent demands for safety

The food products industry imposes stringent demands for quality, safety and traceability. Wibax’s products are certified and satisty stringent demands for safety. The food products industry uses Wibax’s products for many areas within food processes, from flavourings, binding agents, preservatives and the handling of food, to disinfection, cleaning, water treatment and the handling of byproducts.

Wibax has long experience and is a problem-solver with high-tech expertise when it comes to adapting and developing solutions for the customers’ needs, particularly within process industries.

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