Success both for you as an individual and for the company

Wibax is a future-orientated company that is currently undergoing strong development. There are many exciting positions here, and as an employee you have considerable opportunities to develop and build a career. In order for both the company and the individual to grow, the company is working actively to attract, recruit and retain employees with the right expertise.

Positions at Wibax

There are many different professions within the Group. Process operators, service and maintenance technicians, project managers, administrators, economists, sales staff, buyers, tanker truck drivers, terminal workers, logistics coordinators and traffic control officers are just a few examples. Wibax is purposefully investing in development in all areas, from purchasing and logistics to customer collaboration, technology, service and production of our own strong products. There are plenty of career opportunities, and Wibax is continuing to grow. There are currently around 290 people working in the Group, with a turnover of just over SEK 2 900 million in 2022.

The employees’ resources, enterprise and commitment are decisive for the company’s success and growth. We have decided to gather together our values, knowledge and market role under a concept we refer to as Good Chemistry, and together with our employees, WIBAX has drawn up the company’s values, which are available to read under Corporate Image.

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