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Fler kvinnor väljer Wibax: “Jag älskar att gå till jobbet”

Half of the drivers employed at Wibax so far in 2024 are women. This means that today a total of 27 percent of drivers who work at the company's locations around Sweden are women.
"I have always wanted to drive a tanker. I noticed Wibax as the trucks often drive past where I live", says Mikaela Sehlstedt.

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Enterprise Medal awarded to Bo Wiklund and Jonas Wiklund, Wibax, Norrbotten County

Bo Wiklund and Jonas Wiklund are awarded the medal for establishing and developing a sustainable cheimcals company with a unified logistics chain. Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, presented the medals at the annual celebration of the Swedish Royal Patriotic Society, May 13, at Moderna Museet. There were nine recipients of the Enterprise Medal in 2024.

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Samhällsvinsten opening Meeting Point Zenith

Samhällsvinsten (the Community Benefit) is an initiative by Piteå IF to tackle community challenges and built a better Piteå. The Samhällsvinsten project is carried out in collaboration with our main partners Sparbanken Nord, Wibax, Smurfit Kappa och PiteEnergi.

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First customer-based fixed charging station – important milestone for Wibax

Wibax is taking the next step in electrification of logistics, installing its first fixed EV charger in a customer location, at SunPine.
"This is the first of a number of customer-based fixed charging stations that we will be installning. An important step along the way towards sustainable logistics" says Magnus Sundström, Operations manager logistics på Wibax Group.

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CEO recruited for new company Wibax Energy

We have now completed the recruitment process and found a CEO for our newly established company Wibax Energy – Magnus Wikman will enter the role in February 2024. In his new role as CEO of Wibax Energy, Magnus will have the opportunity to not just build something new from the ground up, but also lead the transitioning of an entire industry.

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Fixed charging stations – the next step in Wibax’ electrification journey

Wibax’ electrification journey continues. In addition to three fixed charging stations at company depots in Skutskär, Härnösand and Hamina, a mobile WiCharge unit has been installed at Smurfit Kappa in Piteå.
”Our goal is to have fixed charging stations at our own depots as well as on site at our major customers”, explains Magnus Sundström, Head of Logistics for Wibax Group.

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