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Wibax launches new product to ensure access to clean drinking water

I slutet av mars lanserar Wibax sin nya produkt WiAl-G.
En kemikalie som bland annat används för att rena dricksvatten.
- Det finns en tydlig efterfrågan av den här produkten, kunderna välkomnar Wibax satsning eftersom det bara finns en leverantör i Sverige i dagsläget, säger Markus Holmlund, vd Wibax Production.

In late March, Wibax will be launching our new product WiAl-G.
A chemical used in the purification of drinking water, among other applications.
"There is a clear demand for the product, customers welcome Wibax' effort, as there is currently just one supplier in Sweden", says Markus Holmlund, CEO Wibax Production.

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Reorganisation and team building – Wibax prepares for continued growth

A new organisation that makes it easier to scale up.
And three new CEOs.
Wibax kicks off the new year and continues its journey of change.

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Wibax takes the lead with ambitious environmental goals

Wibax unveiled its new, powerfully ambitious environmental goals during a seminar at the Race of Champions, held last weekend. A 100 percent fossil-free electric vehicle fleet powered by 100 percent self-produced electricity.
“We aim to lead the way in terms of how companies take responsibility for their environmental impact”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax.

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Northvolt’s mobile energy storage is the next step in Wibax’ electric journey

Using the mobile EV charger WiCharge, with energy storage from Northvolt, allows Wibax to take the next step towards electrifying its vehicle fleet.
"This lets us offer our customers electric deliveries without losing efficiency", says Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax.

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Jonas Wiklund is Norrbotten’s Leader of the Year

He is a passionate and forward-thinking leader who has brought the company started by his father to new heights, together with the employees. In his work, he cares for them and for their workplace. Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax, has been named Leader of the Year in Norrbotten.

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Northvolt selects Wibax for strategic partnership

Northvolt is currently building Europe's largest battery factory to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and energy storage. The chemicals supplier Wibax, located a short distance from the Skelleftehamn plant, has been chosen for a strategic partnership as a chemicals supplier to the battery manufacturing facility.

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