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Fixed charging stations – the next step in Wibax’ electrification journey

Wibax’ electrification journey continues. In addition to three fixed charging stations at company depots in Skutskär, Härnösand and Hamina, a mobile WiCharge unit has been installed at Smurfit Kappa in Piteå.
”Our goal is to have fixed charging stations at our own depots as well as on site at our major customers”, explains Magnus Sundström, Head of Logistics for Wibax Group.

Wibax is installing three fixed charging stations – a necessity for an electric fleet

In late January, Wibax launched their new, ambitious environmental targets – a vehicle fleet that is 100 percent fossil fuel free, electric, and 100 percent powered by electricity produced by the company themselves, by 2030. Today, the chemical supplier owns 65 heavy vehicles, 50 in Sweden and 15 in Finland, and the first electric truck went on the road in 2021. Such a heavy, electric truck was actually a world first.

Four more vehicles have been ordered for 2024. Three will be stationed in Sweden, one in Finland. And this is how it will continue until 2030.
“For us, this is the most efficient and sustainable way to provide logistics services. To succeed, we need not only vehicles but also charging infrastructure”, explains Magnus Sundström.

That is why charging stations are now being installed at Wibax’ own depots in Skutskär, Härnösand, and Hamina in Finland. Chemicals are transported from the depots to major customers. Placing charging stations at loading and unloading locations is a conscious and efficient strategy.
“Loading and unloading takes about 45-60 minutes. We will be able to charge during that time, thus avoiding the need to stop while on the road. This makes the trucks more productive than their diesel counterparts, and we can also design the charging stations based on loading and unloading times”, says Magnus Sundström.

Discussions are underway to install the first fixed charging station at a customer location, and the plan is to have such facilities at all major customers.
“This requires customers to have sufficient space and power supply available. The customers we have discussed it with thus far are optimistic”, says Magnus Sundström.

The mobile EV charger WiCharge is installed at Smurfit Kappa in Piteå.
“We will continue dispatching mobile chargers to certain customer locations for a limited trial period. It is a slightly more expensive, but highly flexible solution, that enables us to work towards our goal of a completely fossil-free, electric vehicle fleet by 2023.