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Wibax behind new award at the Piteå Business Awards

During this year's Piteå Business Awards, awards for diversity and inclusion will be presented for the first time.

The Facilitator of the Year award has been developed by Wibax and the local council's Move to Piteå Service, and will be awarded to the organisation that has done the most to create a Piteå for everyone.

New Finnish CEO aiming for growth

With Olli Paasio assuming the role of CEO of Wibax Logistics Oy, the Finnish group is taking another step on their journey of growth.
"The transport and storage services we offer play a key role in Wibax' total solution concept. There is a strong demand for it", says Olli Paasio.

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Northvolt’s mobile energy storage is the next step in Wibax’ electric journey

Using the mobile EV charger WiCharge, with energy storage from Northvolt, allows Wibax to take the next step towards electrifying its vehicle fleet.
"This lets us offer our customers electric deliveries without losing efficiency", says Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

​​​​​​​Wibax wishes you and your loved ones a pleasant and restful holiday, and we look forward to working with you in the coming year. This year, we are doing our part to fight childhood cancer, by supporting the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund – Barncancerfonden and their life-changing work.

Wibax seeking growt in Hamina

Wibax is a Swedish family-owned company that sells, buys, processes and distributes liquid chemical products and bio-oils to the European basic industry. Wibax has several terminals in Sweden and Finland and one terminal in Estonia. Wibax established a unit in Kotka in 2013, and in 2020 Wibax acquired Baltic Tank, which operated in places such as Hamina and Kotka, and its operations became part of the Wibax Group. As a result of the acquisition, the company’s operations in Finland expanded to cover both terminal and chemical sales operations. This spring Wibax acquired JJ Kuljetus Oy, and Wibax’s entire sales, storage and transport concept for chemicals and bio-oils consequently became available in Finland as well. Through the acquisitions, Wibax has grown in Finland from a company of a few people to an organisation employing 60 people.

The Kotka-Hamina region is important to Wibax, and the company’s goal is to carry on its growth in the region. As a result of the acquisition of the terminals in Kotka and Hamina, Wibax has become a significant company providing storage services for liquids and chemicals in the region. The operations in Hamina will expand even further at the beginning of 2023, when the company has access to its own transport fleet and starts to take care of transport operations from Hamina directly to its customers. Next year, Wibax’s trucks will be seen at the Hamina Harbour on a daily basis.

Smart cleaning means lower electricity costs and higher production efficiency

Industrial operations are costly now that electricity prices have skyrocketed and inflation is reaching record highs. One way to lower electricity usage and avoid investing in over-capacity is to clean the various sections of facilities in a more frequent and well planned fashion. By letting the chemical company Wibax take overall responsibility for the cleaning process, using their unique series of chemical cleaning products, WiCLEAN, produced by the company themselves, plants can focus on core operations, while having facilities fine-tuned in a way that improves both economy and sustainability.

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