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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year – selecting northern Sweden’s foremost entrepreneur

On Thursday, December 2, entrepreneurs from successful companies in the north of Sweden will receive awards at the regional finals of EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Jonas Wiklund, CEO Wibax Group, is one of the entrepreneurs nominated to win the regional title, thereby competing for a chance in the national finals, held in Stockholm.

Wibax offers fossil free road transport with HVO  

In order to succeed in combating climate change, we must act together to reduce our emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels. Wibax works in a goal-oriented way to reduce fossil fuel dependence, and we aim to lead in the transition to fossil free, heavy road transport. As part of our commitment to reduce fossil fuel dependence, we offer fossil free road transport using HVO, to customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint*.

Wibax Sverige visits Wibax Finland

Just over a year ago, Wibax acquired 100% of the shares in a Finnish company, leading in the field of storage and handling of liquid chemical products – Baltic Tank. The fusion has worked well, even though the pandemic limited us to digital-only meetings. Now, over a year later, we have finally been able to visit our Finnish colleagues in person.

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CEO for our production company

The Wibax group remains in a stage of strong development, focusing on growth in all parts of our operations, including products of our own production. We are therefore strengthening the organization, to be even better equipped to deal with future challenges, in both the short and long term. We welcome Markus Holmlund as the new CEO of Wibax Production AB!

Wibax Annual and Sustainability report 2020

Here you can read more about the Wibax Group's sustainability work and annual report for the year 2020.

Sustainable solutions for the nordic market

Everal Wibax customers and partners have been established in both Finland and Sweden for a long time. The industrial structure of the two countries is largely similar, with major stakeholders in the forestry, steel, mining, paper and pulp industries. Wibax' unique offer, well established in Sweden since 1986, consisting of storage, supervision, transport and product sales, is sought after by Finnish customers too.

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