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Wibax is starting a new company and looking for a CEO

The goal is to realise a 100 percent electric vehicle fleet by 2030. Wibax is launching a new company that will accelerate the group's investment in a more sustainable logistics chain: Wibax Energy AB. "We really are breaking new ground here," says Jonas Wiklund, Group CEO.

In June, Wibax presented a billion SEK investment in water chemistry – a new facility in Skelleftehamn that will secure Sweden’s access to water treatment and add around 50 jobs.

Now it is time for the group’s next investment: the new company, Wibax Energy AB.

“By 2030, we will have a vehicle fleet that is 100 percent electric. In addition to achieving that, we will become self-sufficient with regard to electricity. That’s why we are reinstating the company name Wibax Energy, which we used in the past, but it now has a slightly different purpose”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO of the Wibax Group.

Wibax buys, sells, produces and distributes chemicals for primary industries throughout the Nordic market. The work to achieve a  more sustainable logistics chain has been ongoing for a long time and electrified heavy trucks and mobile charging posts are an important part of the group’s ambitious sustainability goals, says Jonas Wiklund. The new company Wibax Energy will play a crucial part in this next step.

“Wibax Energy’s role will be to produce and supply the group with sustainable electricity, from its own energy source, which will also be new. We will be building our own charging infrastructure and adding power production to match the consumption of our electric trucks. The goal is also to find additional long-term business in the charging infrastructure, by selling the excess capacity”, explains Jonas Wiklund.

Now they are looking for the right person to start up, run and manage the new company in the role of CEO. Jonas Wiklund pictures someone who has some insight into the electricity industry or the energy sector – an entrepreneurial person who is business-minded and wants to develop the company going forward.

“As CEO of Wibax Energy, you will be tasked with an incredibly interesting and rewarding role. You will get to build something from scratch, influence and truly participate in this journey of sustainability. An opportunity to build an organisation with excellent support from staff functions within the group. You will be a part not only of our transition, but also a pioneer in the transition of an entire field of business. We really are breaking new ground here, along with just a few others.”

Much of the work has already begun, the company has been established and the first charging equipment has been acquired. During the autumn, the build-up will continue and the plan is to be in full swing by the turn of the year.

“This is our goal, and we believe it to be completely doable. With the investment we recently announced in Skelleftehamn, we will also need even more electricity, making the role of Wibax Energy all the more important”, says Jonas Wiklund.

Why are you choosing to start a new company?

“You can’t be sustainable without being profitable. It’s about making business out of this leg of operations as well, only then will it be sustainable over time, truly sustainable”, says Jonas Wiklund and continues:

“It’s not just about supplying energy for our own trucks, but by extension also about selling, trading and seeing how far this can take us. It’s also a matter of looking at how we can use the battery capacity while the vehicles are stationary, something that many are talking about today, but few know how it will be done. It’s about making the process financially sustainable while helping more people make the transition.”

What are you most looking forward to with this investment?

“I genuinely think this is super exciting. I am driven by technology on the automotive side, I like change and challenges. I also like the idea of being able to use our industrial properties to produce electricity in our operating locations. We have cisterns in terminals that can have solar cells on them. Also, being able to make it more profitable so that the business side of things is always present, I think that is absolutely the most exciting part. Wibax Energy will be a company with the potential to reach a turnover of several 100 million SEK, and being a part of that journey is incredibly exciting.”

Wibax’s strategic plan, which extends until 2025, includes strong growth in terms of turnover. Now Jonas Wiklund reveals that these goals have already been achieved.

“Now it is instead a matter of building from that level and continuing to grow. Our new goal for 2030 is at least 500 employees, 500 million in profit and 500 million in turnover for self-produced products. These are tough goals to reach, but we know that when we set tough goals, we reach them. This together with our new sustainability targets means that we will become stronger and even more competitive”, says Jonas Wiklund and continues:

“It has been important over the years to constantly move forward and develop. If you don’t, someone will overtake you. For us, it is a survival strategy. When we reach 2030, we must be industry leaders, and Wibax Energy is a key part of achieving this.”

What is your view of the future for Wibax?

“We have everything we need to reach our goals and make this a success. I have the strongest possible faith in the future, to me it looks bright.”

Available positions – Managing Director Wibax Energy