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Scania and Wibax are the first in Finland to electrify HGV tanker transport

Wibax Logistics Oy and Scania Finland have agreed to supply a heavy-duty, all-electric Scania 45R truck for Wibax Logistics' HGV tanker operations. Delivery of the vehicle is scheduled for spring 2024, after which Wibax will be the first in Finland to start HGV tanker transports with a 64-tonne all-electric vehicle combination.

Electrification is progressing rapidly

Several fully electric urban delivery vehicles are already in use in Finland, but only a few fully electric heavy vehicle combinations. The delivery of the Scania 45R, which has now been agreed, is an important demonstration that the electrification of HGV transport is also accelerating. “New advanced battery technology and series production of HGVs are already making it possible to transport loads with a total weight of up to 64 tonnes,” says Scania salesman Jussi-Pekka Huotila. “This solution was also made possible by careful calculation and route simulation. Scania’s design tools for the specification of electric vehicles ensure that the right vehicle solution can be delivered to the customer that best fits their business needs,” says Jussi.

Wibax Logistics wants to set an example for sustainable business

Since its founding, Wibax has been pushing the boundaries of the traditional logistics sector. Sustainability is one of the core values guiding Wibax’s operations. “We have set an ambitious target to move to an all-electric transport fleet by 2030,” says Olli Paasio, CEO of Wibax Logistics Oy. For Wibax, electrification of transport is an important step towards an emission-free future. “Simply switching to electric vehicles is not enough for us, we also want the electricity our cars use to be generated by us. In addition to electric transport, we will be switching to renewable energy at our terminals by the middle of the decade,” adds Olli Paasio.

Scania is a total partner for electrification

Scania has already announced that by 2030, half of Scania’s production will be electric vehicles. The new battery assembly plant in Södertälje, new advanced battery cells together with Northvolt will increase the potential for electrification in a wide range of transport activities. “The vehicle is only one part of electrification. We have advanced calculation tools that allow us to simulate the best solution for the customer’s transport operations. Charging solutions are an important part of electrification and Scania Finland acts as a total partner for customers on their electrification journey,” says Michael Mannfors, Product Manager for Electronic Solutions at Scania Finland.

Wibax wants to create good chemistry

Together with Scania, Wibax was the first in Sweden to introduce a fully electric truck for HGV tanker transports earlier this year. The pilot has provided Scania with valuable information for vehicle development, while also enabling Wibax Logistics to evaluate the electrification of HGV transports. “Cooperation with Scania has been essential to make this investment possible. By designing together, we were able to find a solution that works for us and helps us develop our business. We want to enable our customers to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We create Good Chemistry!” says Olli Paasio, Managing Director of Wibax Logistics Oy.