Magnesium hydroxide – WiMAG


WiMAG is Wibax’ magnesium hydroxide slurry, which is able to replace magnesium sulfate in the pretreatment of pulp in the bleaching process. Dosing of prepared WiMAG entails savings and provides cost benefits.

Protects cellulose fibers

Magnesium ion protects the cellulose fiber from degradation in the bleaching stage. To protect the cellulose magnesium sulfate is traditional dosed this reacts with sodium hydroxide in the alkaline steps and form magnesium hydroxide.

Dosage of WiMAG, prepared magnesium hydroxide, means saving in NaOH because WiMAG in itself is alkaline, and the conversion of MgSO4 to Mg(OH)2 does not need to occur. Excess sulfur occurs in the process but an additional advantage of WiMAG is that it does not contribute with additional sulfur, and it may even save the use of sodium hydroxide through reduced need of makeu-lye to compensate the Na/S balance.

WiMAG is used and dosed in the form that the product delivered. This means simplified management compared to powder handling. The product is optimized for reactivity and the particle size distribution. Our theoretical and practical experience of magnesium products’ function and application gives you the ability for support and reliable solutions to any problems. Wibax can provide equipment for storage and dosing.

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