Magnesium chloride solution


Magnesium chloride is a natural salt that has exceptionally good hydroscopic properties. It has the ability to bind large amounts of moisture quickly, which makes it highly effective when it comes to binding the smallest particles in the road's wear surface. It is available here as a prepared solution.

Lower environmental impact

The advantage of using a solution is that spreading gets more even and more controlled. This eliminates the need for further spraying, and the solution also reduces the consumption of the product by 10-20% compared to using a dry product. In addition, any surplus following a spreading assignment can be stored. This entails reduced total costs in the form of time-savings for machine and working hours, lower fuel consumption and, above all, a reduced impact on the environment.

Magnesium chloride solution can be used for dust-binding on roads, for de-icing during winter road maintenance, as a sludge treatment chemical in scrubbing devices, as a raw material in the production of magnesium, and as a separating agent for mixtures of oil and water in the metal industry.

Thanks to its property of binding moisture with the least impact on the friction of the road surface, magnesium chloride is recommended when combating small particles (PM10) on asphalt in heavily trafficked environments in metropolitan areas, tunnels, etc.

WIBAX’s comprehensive logistics and secure delivery chain provide our customers with products from terminal to customer in the Nordic region, using customised solutions in tanker trucks (bulk) and IBC containers. We can also offer storage options on the customer’s premises.


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