AdBlue Air 1


AdBlue Air 1 is an urea solution used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles equipped with SCR technology.

Since 2005 legislation has called for drastic reductions in NOx emissions on diesel vehicles. AdBlue Air 1 is one of the leading AdBlue products and has been developed specifically for trucks equipped with SCR catalytics. AdBlue Air 1 converts harmful NOx (Nitrogen oxides) from diesel engines into harmless nitrogen and steam. It significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, one of the largest sources of atmospheric pollution and smog in urban centers.

AdBlue Air 1 is a harmless substance and is easy to use. This product is not a fuel or fuel supplement; it is a urea solution with high purity that is filled into the special AdBlue tank in the vehicle.

AdBlue Air 1 is classified as a liquid that can be transported with minimal risk because it cannot ignite or explode.

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