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A comprehensive network of port terminals with extensive storage capacity

Wibax Logistics is the link between Wibax's suppliers, our refinement and our customers. Through our strategic network of port terminals and strong transport resources, we have created an efficient logistics chain. External logistics assignments supplement and provide efficient solutions with benefits for our customers' economy, energy, community and environment.

Complete storage facilities in Sweden, Finland and Estonia

Wibax has a comprehensive network of marine terminals with the capacity to store large amounts of liquid goods in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Wibax’ total storage capacity amounts to approx. 800,000 cubic metres of liquid goods, in cistern parks flexibly adapted for everything from various chemicals to oils. Depots for dry goods are found in strategic locations throughout all of Sweden, as well as in Finland.

The terminals are complete facilities for receiving liquid bulk products. They consist of steel cisterns, stainless steel cisterns and cisterns with an internal coating, with a wide variety of pumping and loading equipment to and from ships, trucks and railway cars. The installations can be adapted according to the customer’s needs. We also have depots for dry goods from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north, as well has being strategically represented in Finland.

Wibax Environmental Goals
In normal operation, heating of facilities including cisterns shall be renewable by 2025.

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