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Wibax planning billion investment in green water chemistry

Wibax continues along the path to create the conditions necessary for the green transition and the massive investments up north. The billion investment in Skelleftehamn is meant to secure Sweden’s water purification – while creating about 50 new jobs.

Recently, in March this year, Wibax launched the new product WiAl-G, for use in drinking water purification among other applications. There is a strong demand for this type of product, making Wibax an important stakeholder in providing this essential community function.

To further develop this work, additional investment is being planned. Wibax is seeking to expand their production of water purification products in facilities immediately adjacent to the company’s terminals in Skelleftehamn.

“This is an investment 20 times larger than our venture with WiAl-G, and it would allow us to develop products that are even more sought after. Not only by customers with water chemical requirements, but also by primary industries such as paper and pulp, mining and the battery industry”, explains Jonas Wiklund, CEO, Wibax.

“Simply put, these products will complete our product portfolio in the field of water chemistry.”

The investment is in the billion SEK range and there are currently only two producers of these products in Sweden. In short, these chemicals function similarly to WiAl-G, meaning that they can be used as a flocking agent, for instance in the treatment of wastewater. “With this investment, we plan to use local raw materials in production, as well as green electricity produced in northern Sweden”, says Jonas Wiklund.

Why will the production be established in Skelleftehamn? Jonas Wiklund describes it as being connected to the industrial developments in northern Sweden. “More people and more industries mean a stronger demand for water purification. With uncertain conditions in the rest of the world, we must also be able to secure Sweden’s supply in the long term.”

Both the production itself and the added jobs are welcomed by Skellefteå Municipality.

“Wibax is an important player in the green transition, and we are happy that they are once again choosing to invest in Skellefteå”, says Evelina Fahlesson, municipal commissioner in Skellefteå, and Anja Palm, municipal Head of Business, joins in agreement. “In addition to the new jobs, this investment helps strengthen local value chains and circular business models.”