Bio fuel- for a green and sustainable development

Wibax is a complete supplier of bio-oil, optimized for the Nordic climate and with considerably lower environmental impact and cost than fossil alternatives.

Climate and cost-effective

The extensive use of energy during the last hundred years has resulted in large negative effects on the climate and the environment. We now have a global responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint, not least by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The political vision is a climate neutral Sweden in 2050. A distinct goal is to phase out and replace fossil fuels with biofuels, particularly in the industrial and transport sectors.

Wibax provides bio-oil, a biofuel very high on energy that can be used both for combustion and technical applications. Bio-oil has been used since the 1970’s and has in recent years emerged as a climate-smart and cost-effective option, that reduces emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. The use is steadily increasing and amounts today in Sweden to around 4.5 TWh a year, which equals about 450 000 tonnes of oil. Bio-oil is a renewable oil produced from raw materials, originating from e.g. sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, coniferous and deciduous trees. Our bio-oil is produced from waste and by-products from food industry, oleochemical industry and biodiesel manufacturing.

In addition to the environmental and climate benefits transition to Wibax bio fuel implies reduced fuel costs, thanks to tax exemption and competitive prices. Additionally, tax reduction of fossil fuel decreases considerably. The cost of conversion to bio-oil is also significantly lower than conversion to solid fuel.

Wibax provides
* Environmentally friendly and climate-optimized bio-oils
* Cost-effective conversion from fossil oil dependence
* Tax free fuel at a competitive price
* Extensive expertise with broad experience
* Analysis of product needs and customized, integrated solutions
* In-house combustion plant for testing
* Comprehensive logistics and a secure supply chain that provides our customers with products throughout the Nordic region

Complete solutions
Together with the customer, we analyze product requirements and provide help with installation, commissioning, optimization, evaluation and test of combustion equipment to industries and companies that are planning to get away from its fossil dependency. We also assist in applying for the transition from fossil fuel use to bio-oil. Wibax offers complete solutions, from storage to combustion, proud to have the safest supplies on the market, with our own terminals strategically located along the coast of Sweden, We provide our customers in the Nordic countries with products in IBC containers, barrels and can by tanker truck, tanker and railway.

Wibax have Proof of durability (Hållbarhetsbesked) from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), which certifies that we meet all durability requirements and only deal with certified and sustainable bio-oil.

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