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New Finnish CEO aiming for growth

With Olli Paasio assuming the role of CEO of Wibax Logistics Oy, the Finnish group is taking another step on their journey of growth.
"The transport and storage services we offer play a key role in Wibax' total solution concept. There is a strong demand for it", says Olli Paasio.

Olli Paasio assumed the role as CEO of Wibax Logistics Oy in early November 2022. He is well known in the field of logistics, where has worked with air transport and the development of energy solutions for road transport, among other things. Under Paasio’s leadership, Wibax’ Finnish group, including the companies Wibax Sales Oy, Wibax Logistics Oy and Wibax Tank AS in Estonia, is planning to develop even further.

“I look forward to taking this next step along with all of our colleagues. We have extensive experience as well as a strong will”, says Olli Paasio.

Even though Wibax’ various services are available separately, Olli Paasio sees great opportunity for growth in the area of total solutions – covering products, storage and logistics.

“Despite having worked here for only a short time, I still have a strong sense that there is demand for our total solutions – and that we are the partner that many are looking for.”

The near-term focus will be both recruitment and sustainability, areas where operations in Sweden serve as an inspiration.

“Wibax Sweden’s experience of electric vehicles have been very positive, and I hope we will be seeing electric trucks on Finnish roads as well. Our responsibility to minimise our climate footprint is something we prioritise highly”, says Olli Paasio.