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Northvolt selects Wibax for strategic partnership

Northvolt is currently building Europe's largest battery factory to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and energy storage. The chemicals supplier Wibax, located a short distance from the Skelleftehamn plant, has been chosen for a strategic partnership as a chemicals supplier to the battery manufacturing facility.

Wibax has focused on sustainability issues since it was established in 1986. A partnership with Scania was recently launched to tranisition to the use of electric trucks in transport, read more here>> The next step is to work with Northvolt in their ambition to electrify the world and make us less dependent on fossil fuels.

“This is much more than a traditional customer and supplier relationship. Together, it is our ambition to electrify transport, and our cooperation with Scania fits in very well. In the first quarter of next year, be using an electric truck capable of pulling 64 tonnes for the Piteå-Skellefteå route, which is unique in the world,” says Jonas Wiklund, CEO at Wibax.

Wibax aims to be a leader in the transition to fossil-free transport. The company’s  core value is “good chemistry” and the venture with Northvolt is in line with this motto.

“These issues have been discussed for ages, but now we are also noticing that market demand for more sustainable transport solutions is increasing, so things are really starting to happen. Our core value of “good chemistry” goes hand in hand with Northvolt’s ambition to make the world’s greenest batteries. Our strong presence in other parts of the Nordic region also means that there are further opportunities to make a positive contribution to the transition to a greener world,” says Wiklund.

Wibax has been supplying chemicals to Northvolt’s research facility in Västerås for about two years in a collaboration that is now being extended.

“It is incredibly exciting to be part of Northvolt’s journey from research facility to full-scale production facilities. We will continue to contribute to each other’s development and further strengthen our relationship for many years to come,” says Fredrik Nyberg, Business Development Manager at Wibax.

“Wibax is a very promising partner for us. They are well established in the regional business community and the ambition to electrify their fleet is fully in line with our ambition to achieve minimal climate impact in our logistics as well,” says Fredrik Hedlund, CEO at Northvolt Ett.