Battery Chemicals

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Battery Chemicals

Wibax is an established supplier to the battery industry, where we deliver chemicals in accordance with purity requirements much stricter than those of other industries. Thanks to Wibax' unique logistics network and tank monitoring, we offer unrivalled security of supply, at a level unique in the Nordics. Wibax offers collaboration and partnership for new establishments, where we work alongside customers and suppliers to develop the most cost-efficient, supply secure and sustainable solutions for the products of the future.

What we do

Wibax sells, purchases, processes and distributes chemical products and bio oils to Europe’s primary industries, primarily in the Nordic countries. Our operations include sales, import, production, development, service and maintenance, storage and distribution, first and foremost of bulk liquid chemical products. We are also problem solvers, developing new products and applications in close collaboration with our customers – and always focusing on sustainability.

What we offer

We accept the challenge to create a more sustainable world

The leading principles of our sustainability efforts are our general guiding principles too; forward-thinking, participation, quality and customer focus. Everything we do will be guided by the idea of Good Chemistry. This means that we work to achieve more sustainable development, through economic development, optimised resource use and conscious choices in areas such as product development, purchasing and operational processes. . You can read more about Wibax sustainability efforts here: Sustainability strategy | wibax.com

Wibax’ total solutions concept

Wibax produces, adapts and supplies chemicals and bio oils, retaining control of the entire chain, from producer to end customer.  Together with the customer, we analyse product needs and then carry out everything from a review of customer facilities to project design of suggested changes, and also carry out the remodelling. Additionally, we assist with installation, startup, optimisation, evaluation and combustion testing equipment. Wibax takes total responsibility, from start to finish.

Effektiva logistiklösningar

Tack vare vår tankbilsflotta och terminaler runt om i Sverige har vi alltid nära till dig som kund. Det borgar för snabb och säker leverans utifrån dina önskningar. Om du har behov av andra produkter i vårt sortiment kan vi erbjuda samordnade leveranser. Smidigt och bra för både dig som kund och för miljön.

Fossil free road transport with Wibax

In order to succeed in combating climate change, we must act together to reduce our emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels. Wibax works in a goal-oriented way to reduce fossil fuel dependence, and we aim to lead in the transition to fossil free, heavy road transport. As part of our commitment to reduce fossil fuel dependence, we offer fossil free road transport using HVO, to customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint*.

Based on the contract we establish with the customer, we receive information about how much fuel is required to cover the customer’s transport needs. We then use a mass balance to demonstrate and ensure that Wibax uses the corresponding volume of HVO** based on our customer orders. At the end of the year, declarations are provided to the customer, showing the amount of fuel used, and the difference made in carbon footprint and fossil CO2 emissions.

*Wibax cannot guarantee that specific, individual transports will be carried out using HVO, as trucks are fuelled based on the optimal logistics flow, to prevent the need for longer transport routes for refuelling. Wibax shall have the option to terminate the contract for HVO fuelling of customer transports, if no suitable product is available on the market. Based on future technological developments, other fossil free options may be used instead, such as biogas or electricity.

**HVO or hydrogenated vegetable oil is a type of biodiesel, chemically identical or near-identical to fossil diesel, and therefore able to replace it completely.

Ett heltäckande nät av sjöterminaler med stor lagringskapacitet

Wibax Logistics is the link between Wibax’ suppliers, our refinement and our customers. Thanks to our strategic network of marine terminals and strong logistics resources, we create an efficient logistics chain. External logistics assignments are complementary and lead to effective solutions, with benefits to customer economy, energy use, the environment and the community.

Wibax has a comprehensive network of marine terminals with the capacity to store large amounts of liquid goods in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Wibax’ total storage capacity amounts to approx. 800,000 cubic metres of liquid goods, in cistern parks flexibly adapted for everything from various chemicals to oils. Depots for dry goods are found in strategic locations throughout all of Sweden, as well as in Finland.


Wibax Group holds several certifications and audit certificates for our operations, to demonstrate continuous and systematic development work throughout different areas. To cite an example, Wibax Group, AB, Wibax Logistics AB and Wibax Tank are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All of the companies within the Wibax Group will be covered by the ISO certifications by the summer of 2021. Read more here: Sustainability statements and certificiations | Constant improvement | wibax.com


WIBAX’ headquarters and production are located in Piteå, Sweden. Terminals and offices are found throughout Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Norway. Currently, approximately 250 people are employed by Wibax and in 2020 the group had a turnover of approximately 1,301 million SEK. The following companies are part of Wibax Group AB: Wibax Chemicals AB, Wibax Biofuels AB, Wibax Logistics AB, Wibax Industrial AB, Wibax Production AB, Wibax AS, Wibax Holding Oy, Wibax Sales Oy, Wibax Tank Oy och Wibax Tank AS.

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