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Wibax behind new award at the Piteå Business Awards

During this year's Piteå Business Awards, awards for diversity and inclusion will be presented for the first time.

The Facilitator of the Year award has been developed by Wibax and the local council's Move to Piteå Service, and will be awarded to the organisation that has done the most to create a Piteå for everyone.

On February 24, this year’s Piteå Business Awards ceremony will be held. As usual, awards will be presented to a number of companies and people who have made an impact over the past year.

New this year is the Facilitator of the Year award, developed by Piteå company Wibax.

“Working with good chemistry is important to us, in more than one sense. In 2020, we conducted a trainee programme called Wibax Academy, geared towards immigrants. Some of the participants now have permanent contracts with Wibax, and this has truly added to the diversity of our organisation. With the Facilitator of the Year award, we would like to inspire and encourage more initatives in the field of social sustainability”, explains Annica Pettersson, head of the jury and HR Manager at Wibax.

To receive the Facilitator of the Year award, an organisation must promote forward-thinking and work actively with strategies that lead to inclusion and non-discrimination. The organisation must also facilitate diversity, resulting in an improved skills supply.

“Working with diversity and inclusion ought to be something natural today. Several studies show that these issues are important in seeking to attract new employees, encouraging them to stay, and allowing them to thrive in the workplace. This will be a key issue for many companies in the future, and we would like to bring attention to those who have already succeeded”, explains Annica Petterson.

The nomination process for Facilitator of the Year is already underway. You can read more about how to nominate at piteabusinessawards.se

The jury consists of:
Annica Pettersson, head of the jury, Wibax
Emma Nyström, Wibax
Hannah Degerman, Move to Piteå
Fredrik Blom, Move to Piteå

For more information, please contact:
Emma Nyström
+46(0)911-250 226