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Contamination of the process equipment can be a problem in many different types of industries. Blockages and coatings creates, in addition to a worsened working environment, great cost in terms of lost production, quality problems and mechanical damage due to cavitation in the machinery.
With extensive knowledge and experience with chemical and mechanical system cleaning, Wibax has developed a wide range of cleaning products. Wibax Chemical Cleaning is an effective option for maintaining accessibility and high quality. Cleaning can be carried out continuously, as a preventive measure or in connection with planned shutdowns for maintenance.
In our WiCLEAN range there are several products developed in close cooperation with our customers. We also offer so-called turnkey services in connection with the chemical cleaning systems. Wibax Industrial has its own service van, CIP-systems and other equipment. Together with the customer, we create turnkey and customized solutions that combine cleaning and maintenance work.

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