Biofuel – WiFUEL 320


WiFUEL 320

WiFUEL 320 is a residual product based on vegetable oils from e.g. rapeseed, soya or sunflower waste products from the food industry, oil chemical industry or biodiesel production. The product is liquid at room temperature, requires some heating and has a low ash content.

Environmentally friendly and climate-optimized bio-oils

WiFUEL 320 is liquid at room temperature, requires some heating and has a slightly higher ash content compared to, for example, WiFUEL 305. The product is a suitable replacement fuel for EO1. WiFUEL 320 goes under our sustainability notice and is completely exempt from energy, sulfur and carbon dioxide tax.

We offer:
• Cost-effective conversion from fossil fuel dependence
• Tax free fuel at a competitive price
• Analysis of product needs and tailored, customized total solutions
• Comprehensive logistics and a secure supply chain that provides our customers with products from the port to the porch of the customers throughout the Nordic region

Wibax have Proof of durability (Hållbarhetsbesked) from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), which certifies that we meet all durability requirements and only deal with certified and sustainable bio-oil.

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