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CEO for Wibax Sweden

Wibax Group is at stage of strong development, and remains focused on continued growth. To create the right conditions and structure for future development, both in the short and long term, we are now adding a CEO for Wibax Sweden to the organisation. Welcome to Wibax, Tore Johnsson!

Tore has been at Luleå Science Park since 2016, and when the organization was spun off into a company in 2018, Tore took the role of CEO. In his role at Luleå Science Park, one of Tore’s main tasks is to help other companies accelerate their growth. Previously, he has worked as CEO and partner in an IT consulting business. He is a civil engineer in the field computer science, and has an educational background as an after-school teacher as well. Tore will be assuming the role of CEO for Wibax Sweden in March 2023.

Wibax is currently on an exciting growth journey, and we are an organization in constant development. After making major advances in the Finnish market, a Finnish group management was appointed earlier this year, with a group CEO on location in Finland. Now, the same organisational structure is being implemented in Sweden, where Tore Johnsson will be leading the Swedish group. Jonas Wiklund will remain CEO of Wibax Group and leader of the cross-functional management group for the Swedish and Finnish groups.

“Wibax is a highly interesting growth company, shoing continuous growth over time, and I find that very appealing. Over the years, many great things have been achieved at Wibax, and as new CEO of Wibax Sweden, I want to carry that tradition further. I look forward to leading our continued growth journey, working to create good chemistry, alongside all of Wibax’ skilled staff”, says Tore Johnsson.

“It feels great to be welcoming Tore to Wibax! The experience he has in running companies and generating growth will form a key part of the continued growth journey for the Wibax group of ompanies”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO Wibax Group.