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Wibax collaborates with Skanska

Skanska Skellefteå has tasked Wibax Industrial with converting a trailer to a mobile storage tank for bio oil. The tank has a volume of 59,000 litres and is made of an acid resistant material. The tank includes a system for safe loading, to minimise the risk of overloading. Additionally, it includes a loading filter and electric heating.

“This job is our tenth collaboration with Skanska Industrial Solutions and the second mobile tank for bio oil that we will deliver to Skanska”, says Fredrik Nordström, CEO Wibax Industrial AB.


Wibax is a supplier of bio oil and offers total solutions, covering everything from storage to combustions. We will convert your facilities and assist with installation, start up, optimisation and evaluation. Wibax delivers bio oil with tanker trucks of our own, from terminals in strategic locations along the Swedish coast. In 2022 we will also be able to offer rental tanks and heating equipment to ensure continued operation for customers, for example during maintenance work

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