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Wibax offers fossil free road transport with HVO  

In order to succeed in combating climate change, we must act together to reduce our emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels. Wibax works in a goal-oriented way to reduce fossil fuel dependence, and we aim to lead in the transition to fossil free, heavy road transport. As part of our commitment to reduce fossil fuel dependence, we offer fossil free road transport using HVO, to customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint*.

Calculation based on mass balance method

Based on the contract we establish with the customer, we receive information about how much fuel is required to cover the customer’s transport needs. We then use a mass balance to demonstrate and ensure that Wibax uses the corresponding volume of HVO** based on our customer orders. At the end of the year, declarations are provided to the customer, showing the amount of fuel used, and the difference made in carbon footprint and fossil CO2 emissions.

*Wibax cannot guarantee that specific, individual transports will be carried out using HVO, as trucks are fuelled based on the optimal logistics flow, to prevent the need for longer transport routes for refuelling. Wibax shall have the option to terminate the contract for HVO fuelling of customer transports, if no suitable product is available on the market. Based on future technological developments, other fossil free options may be used instead, such as biogas or electricity.

**HVO or hydrogenated vegetable oil is a type of biodiesel, chemically identical or near-identical to fossil diesel, and therefore able to replace fossil diesel to 100%.

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