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Wibax continues strategic growth in Finland - acquiring transport company

Wibax takes the next step in Finland and acquires the road transport company JJ Kuljetus OY and the associated company N-Logistics OY. Thus, the entire Wibax concept with sales, storage and transport is now in Finland, and this is an important part of our strategy.

Wibax has been involved in the Finnish market since 2013, and our investment in Finland saw significant progress in 2020 with the acquisition of the storage business Baltic Tank, now Wibax Tank OY. Around this time, the Finnish group Wibax Holding OY was started, which includes subsidiaries Tank OY and Sales OY. With the acquisition of the transport companies JJ Kuljetus Oy and N Logistics Oy , Wibax is now implementing its entire concept of sales, storage and transport in Finland.

“The response from the market has been positive. We look forward to switching up by also being able to offer Finnish customers Wibax’s unique complete solution”, says Tero Väyrynen, CEO of Wibax Finland.

The company JJ Kuljetus is owned by brothers Juha Nikkilä and Jouni Nikkilä, while N-Logistics is owned by their father Veli Nikkilä, alongside Juha and Jouni. The companies are headquartered in Valkeakoski, southern Finland. They will bring 19 employees, of which 15 are drivers, and 12 heavy vehicles will be added to Wibax’s current fleet of 50 vehicles.

“JJ Kuljetus Oy is, just like Wibax, a family business that absolutely lives up to our standards. A strategically well-placed, well-run company with strong finances and a good reputation. Not only that, they share our values, which is of the utmost importance to us. The company has a high degree of transparency and customer care, competence and skilled staff”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax Group.

“Through this acquisition we will be unifying the values held and services provided both by Wibax and by us as a family company. The acquisition further strengthens our position in the market and enables us to provide services to our customers in line with our shared values”, explain Juha Nikkilä, Managing Director JJ-Kuljetus and Veli Nikkilä, Managing Director N-Logistics.

Wibax sells, purchases, processes and distributes liquid chemical products and bio oils to primary industries in Europe. Headquarters and production facilities are located in Piteå, while terminals and offices are found in strategic locations throughout Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Norway. At present, about 250 employees work within the group. In 2020, Wibax had a turnover of just over SEK 1,301 million.