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Wibax defoamers - WiDEFOAM Foaming can be a problem in many types of industrial process. Air in the process can result in additional costs in the form of bottlenecks in production, quality problems, mechanical damage due to cavitation in machinery and an impaired working environment. Wibax, working in collaboration with customers, has developed effective defoamers that help customers to optimise their processes. We have our own production facility in Piteå for the manufacture of silicon-based defoamers. This provides us with the potential, alongside the customer, to develop and adapt the product according to their specific needs and wishes. We can offer defoamers for most types of industry, and act as a partner and advisor in development issues. We are a problem-solver that can develop, manufacture and adapt products according to the customer's wishes and requirements. We optimise processes in close collaboration with the customer, which provides a cost-effective process.

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