WiDEFOAM is a series of self-manufactured silicone-based defoamers, mainly developed for dosing in pulp washers in chemical pulp manufacture and effective in basic environments with high temperatures (up to 100 °C). All WiDEFOAM products are approved in accordance with FDA, BFR and GB standards.

Self-produced and adaptable

With proper defoamers it’s possible to minimize entrapped air and lower the surface tension in the process, resulting in stable production and better washing results.
The emulsion provides good initial foaming, long-acting anti-foaming effect and dewatering. The product is designed to minimize the risk of over-bearing silicone with the finished product. WiDEFOAM is also an effective defoamer in other industrial applications, where foam and trapped air is a problem.

Dosing of WiDEFOAM can be done, among other methods, to diffusors after a continuous cooking or in batch, in sifts, in reject handling operations, in CO2-steps and in bleaching.

Wibax WiDEFOAM products are developed and manufactured at our production plant in Piteå. This brings greats benefits, as we’re able to develop and customize products for each specific need and desires, in cooperation with the customer.

Benefits of WiDEFOAM- Series:
• Customized de-foamersRapid effect
• Rapid effect
• Optimized products
• In-house production
• Effective cleaning results
• Reduces washing losses
• Reduced chemical consumption
• Wibax’s technical support

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