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10th March 2022 - Business update Russia-Ukraine war

Dear business partner,
Wibax continues to closely monitor and respond to the ongoing situation associated with the Russia-Ukraine war. Wibax hopes for a quick end to this war and a stop to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. The safety and health of our employees and partners are our top priority, as well as continuing to supply our customers. Since Wibax is operating on the Nordic market, we are not in direct connection with any of the conflict areas, but the conflict will affect the logistics flow globally and we are all part of that network in one way or another.

Wibax will comply with all requirements for current and future sanctions. We continuously screen our business partners to ensure we do not engage in business with entities, individuals or vessels under sanctions. Wibax reserves the right to refuse receipt or delivery of shipments where there is a suspicion of connection to any entities, individuals or vessels under sanctions. If we are made aware that a business partner has such a connection, and that they will not terminate it, Wibax intends to waive the business contacts until relevant sanctions have been lifted. To the best of our knowledge, Wibax does not have any business partners under sanctions, and we will continue to monitor this.

All of Wibax’ 19 terminals and our 55 trucks throughout Sweden, Finland and Estonia remain fully operational, to ensure business continuity. Our flexibility, combined with storage and transport capability, allows us to secure a robust supply chain for our customers. As of today, 10th March 2022, we have no interruptions.

We will keep you fully informed about any impact on our business, and we will keep you updated about further developments.

To further secure our business we kindly ask you to inform us about any impacts on your production/stock/raw materials and changes to your demand/orders. We also ask you to inform us if you are affected of any of the sanctions imposed and how further sanctions may affect you and your business. This is critical information that we need to make sure we can give you the best possible service.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your usual Wibax representative, as we are committed to support you throughout this challenging situation.

Sincerely yours

Jonas Wiklund, CEO Wibax Group

2022-03-10 Wibax Business update